About Us

Founded in 2011, NorthBridge Enterprises is determined to making awesome mobile apps. Countless hours and sleepless nights are spent dreaming up and creating the latest and greatest mobile apps. But don't take our word for it, head over to the Android market and try them for yourself.

Contact us at admin@northbridgeapps.com


Jarik (or Jarbear around the office) is NorthBridge's CEO and initial founder. He is also the main investor, and programmer at the office. He sure works hard for you. Jarik is always commited to an excellent experience for you, and in moving NorthBridge Enterprises into the future.


Bracken Albus Montgommery Charles of Mordor the Third is our Vice-President and Chief Officer of Graphics Engineering and Quality Assurance. He is commited for awesome graphics in all of our apps, and always has awesome ideas. He's also the best Basketball player in the Office.


Kenold joined NorthBridge Enterprises in late 2011 as the IT guy. He enjoys making the cables neat and tidy in all of our server closets. Which is also where we keep him and feed him a strict diet of rootbeer floats and cinnamon Chex.